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15 April 2009 @ 02:29 pm
It's pretty quiet in here, but ah well.

Who caught the season premier? It was crazy, man. I was shocked by a few of the things that happened, and this is only the beginning!

How about the Time Bandit's welcome back present to Mike? LOL. That was just classic.

I also wanted to mention John and Andy's appearance on the Bonnie Hunt Show this morning. I really wasn't expecting them to do a cooking segment, lol. I want to try their recipes, anyone else? I was also amused with how Andy kept playfully making fun of Johnathan, that's always fun. xD<3
Sorry for not posting here for entirely too long, but I suppose that's what happens when Discovery Channel decides to neglect us. xD

They've been playing older episodes of Deadliest Catch all week though, getting ready for the new season. That's exciting. =D I can't wait for the 14th, man. The previews for season 5 look so good!

Has anyone picked up the updated version of John&Andy's book? I don't have the money for it as of now, but I bet it's just as fun a read as the first. =P
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15 January 2009 @ 05:19 pm
It's Opie season, baby!


Lol, anyway, good luck to all of the fishermen this season! May they all get home safely and bring in lots of crab.
Round 'em up, Capt. Andy! =P

Haha, I wonder if he managed to leave first again.
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01 January 2009 @ 10:32 pm

Name: Ash
Gender: Female.
Age: 21
What got you into Deadliest Catch?: One day, during the first season of the show, I was bored flipping through channels, and for some odd reason I stopped on the show, and never changed it, I've been hooked since. I dont even like seafood, never been interested in fishing or anything like that, until then. Now I think its the most interesting thing.
How long have you been into Deadliest Catch?: Since the middle of the first season i guess it was.
Favourite boat: It's always been the Northwestern and The Cornelia Marie, but I love all the boats, Time bandit is thrid in my book, but they're awesome!
Favourite Captain/Crewman: Sig is my favorite captian, my favorite crew men are Jake and Josh Harris, Edgar Hansen and Andy Hillstrand of course =D
24 December 2008 @ 02:43 pm
Deadliest Catch will be coming on Sunday, the 28th. It'll be on from 9am (EST) until 7pm. =] It'll also be on Monday, the 29th, from 11am until 3am Tuesday morning. Yay! ♥

I felt obligated to mention it, because Discovery Channel has been lacking in the DC love lately.
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20 October 2008 @ 09:18 pm
I figured I should post some funny things to get the ball rolling. (And okay, I admit that I also just want to have these typed out so they'll be at my disposal later. <<)

These are just a few of my favourite stories and such that I've gathered from reading Deadliest Catch: Desperate Hours (which I've yet to finish- oops). I've taken the text directly from there, and they do pretty much center around Capt. John. xD;

Let the lulz ensue.Collapse )
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18 October 2008 @ 07:19 pm
Hello and welcome to the LJ community dedicated to the F/V Time Bandit and her crew! When I checked I couldn't believe no one had made one of these yet, haha. So I decided to do the honours myself. =P I'll be your humble and friendly moderator, I assure you your time here will be enjoyable. x]

Here's a little bio, you feel free to do the same!:

Name: Christina
Gender: Female, of course.
Age: 18
What got you into Deadliest Catch?: I have to admit I was a fan of Dirty Jobs first, so when I discovered that Mike Rowe narrated for Deadliest Catch I became interested. When I saw Captain Johnathan and the Time Bandit crew for the first time, and experienced that brand of lulz, it didn't take long before I became absolutely hooked (pun always intended) on the show!
How long have you been into Deadliest Catch?: About a year, I want to say. I can't really be sure, it may not even have been that long. The important thing is that I love it now and have seasons 1-3 on DVD, as well as the Hillstrand brothers' book (signed) and another book. x3
Favourite boat: It's always been and always will be the Time Bandit, baby. =]
Favourite Captain/Crewman: I love all of the fisherman, but Captain Johnathan will always be my favourite! He's amazing.

Now join and get posting! =D
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