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18 October 2008 @ 07:19 pm
First post!  
Hello and welcome to the LJ community dedicated to the F/V Time Bandit and her crew! When I checked I couldn't believe no one had made one of these yet, haha. So I decided to do the honours myself. =P I'll be your humble and friendly moderator, I assure you your time here will be enjoyable. x]

Here's a little bio, you feel free to do the same!:

Name: Christina
Gender: Female, of course.
Age: 18
What got you into Deadliest Catch?: I have to admit I was a fan of Dirty Jobs first, so when I discovered that Mike Rowe narrated for Deadliest Catch I became interested. When I saw Captain Johnathan and the Time Bandit crew for the first time, and experienced that brand of lulz, it didn't take long before I became absolutely hooked (pun always intended) on the show!
How long have you been into Deadliest Catch?: About a year, I want to say. I can't really be sure, it may not even have been that long. The important thing is that I love it now and have seasons 1-3 on DVD, as well as the Hillstrand brothers' book (signed) and another book. x3
Favourite boat: It's always been and always will be the Time Bandit, baby. =]
Favourite Captain/Crewman: I love all of the fisherman, but Captain Johnathan will always be my favourite! He's amazing.

Now join and get posting! =D
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