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A community for fans of the Time Bandit crew!

We'd rather be lucky than good any day.

F/V Time Bandit
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A community for fans of the F/V Time Bandit!

(Photo is (c)Cass Hillstrand.)

The F/V (fishing vessel) Time Bandit is a crab fishing boat that operates out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska in the Bering Sea. It is owned and operated by the Hillstrand family; Johnathan, Andy, and Neal continue to do what they grew up doing, along with Johnathan's son Scott.

Johnathan Hillstrand: Captain during King Crab season.
Andy Hillstrand: Captain during Opilio season.
Neal Hillstrand: Engineer, relief skipper, and cook.
Scott Hillstrand: Deckhand.
Russell Newberry: Deckhand.
Eddie Uwekoolani: Deckhand.

This crew is notorious for pulling pranks on each other as well as other boats. They play as hard as they work! The Time Bandit and her crew can be seen on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. Shut up and fish!

Rules of this community (read before posting!):
-Be respectful of your fellow members as well as the Bering Sea boys.
-Just...Don't be a jackass, in general.
-Post about anything retaining to the Time Bandit, icons, graphics, and fan art of any other kind included!
-No spamming. (This doesn't include fangirling- go all out with that if you wish, haha.)
-Try and keep discussions and such rated R, at maximum. xD
-Please be literate.
-Keep long entries/large pictures under an lj cut. (If you don't know how, go here.)
-You may discuss the other boats and crews, but keep in mind this is a Time Bandit community.
-Feel free to include a short bio of yourself in your first post; include your name/nickname, age, gender, how long you've been watching Deadliest Catch, favourite boat, favourite captain and favourite person in general, and anything else you feel like sharing. Of course, this is completely optional.
-Have FUN!

moonloon is the creator and maintainer of this community. I have no affiliation with Discovery Channel or any of the Bering Sea Boys whatsoever (sadly). The closest thing I have is having met Capts. John&Andy and Russell once, which was loads of fun, and being their Myspace friend. Haha!